8-transistor Deluxe radio.

This part was inspired by Deluxe Capitan, Captain, Commodore, Belson, Orion
and other named radios in same or very similar case with '8 transistors' written on it.
I have more of them and in the same case there are placed slightly different radios.
Originally they had 8 germanium (Ge) transistors:

For this wiring 6 transistors are enough.
Therefore one transistor is used as a diod and one transistor is without any function.

The newer ones are with Si transistors in HF and IF part
and Ge transistors in AF part, or all 8 Si transistors, but two of the 2-legs transistors are in place of diods.

And some of them have only 5 transistors with 1 IF stage less.
At the picture ist the 5 transistors Deluxe radio. I tried tu draw the schematic of it:

The red cross is over a 2 leg transistor without any connection.

The PCB's are similar or same, hre 2 of them, which are not the same, but similar: