Measuring energy consumption of household devices with Energy logger 4000.

Energy logger 4000       

Energy logger 4000 measures and stores electrical values of attached devices.
It can also copy the data on a SD card, which may be used to data transfer on a PC.
With the add in software we can see graphical evaluation of the measured data.

The storage capacity is enough for 6 month and independent from power suply.
This device has its own clock with date and time powered by a 3V CR1620 cell.

Pushing the "Mode" button we walk through the displays:
Display 1: voltage[V], current[A], frequency[Hz], currently, max and min values.
Display 2: active power[W], apparent power[VA], cos Phi.
Display 3: energy consumption total, calculated costs (2 unit cost zones by daytime).
Display 4: history of power consumption day by day.
Display 5: shows recording time and time, when device is on with history function.
Display 6: Forecast of monthly and yearly consumption with costs.

For illustration the graphs of 3 household devices:

colors for active and apparent power

1. Standard household fridge with deep-freeze (whole interval / 4 hours):

fridge whole fridge 4 hours
Total power consumption: 3.9 kWh, daily: 0.98 kWh, monthly: 29 kWh, yearly: 359 kWh

2. Deep-freeze top-filled placed in the cellar (whole interval / 4 hours):

deep freeze whole deep freeze 4 hours
Total power consumption: 2.3 kWh, daily: 0.46, monthly: 13.7 kWh, yearly: 166 kWh

3. Air condition Samsung with invertor (whole interval / 4 hours):

air condition whole air condition 4 hours
The air condition was firstly switched on, after that 2 times turboed, then off and again on.
The forecasts have no sense, because the air condition is used only from time to time.