My measurement devices


3. V,A meters

analog devices


My usability number one is:  Metrix MX 111.    Interesting design: Pekly 897.    Top device: Simpson 269.    Nice device: Micronta 22-211.


Voltmeter year 1898.

Old Siemens meter

Siemens & Halske
Vintage meter.

Old A-V meter Old A-V meter

Siemens Multizet
Ampere-Voltmeter, extra holes and range switches for ampermeter and voltmeter.

Siemens VA meter.

Siemens µA Multizet L11, A-V-Ω meter.

A-V meter HB Monavi

Hartmann & Braun - Monavi M
Monavi M, 1 mA for full deflection.

A-V meter HB Multavi A-V meter HB Multavi

Hartmann & Braun
Multavi II, 5

Schoeller & Co. Military device - Germany Year 1943.

VA meter Scale Scale

Multi-Goerz Type CE 4501 multimeter.

Hansen HM-15S Hansen HM-15S Hansen HM-15S

C.T.R. Elektronik Hansen Unitester HM-15S multimeter.
DC 10kΩ/V, AC 4.5kΩ/V.

VA meter Inside

Josef Neuberger, also Zäres München. Designer device. This one is from 1977. DC: 20kΩ/V.

Excelsior Werk pocket Vmeter

Excelsior Werk - german producer
See also photo and more infos at page.

Round old meters

Clock-like meters.
One of them (the lowest) needs 100 mA for full deflection !

A-V meter Uni 10

VEB Messtechnik Mellenbach GDR Uni, Uni 10
Uni: sensitivity DC: 20 kΩ/V AC: 4kΩ/V,
Uni 10 sens.:   DC: 100kΩ/V, AC: 4 kΩ/V. From year 1982.

A-V meter Uni 11e

VEB Messtechnik Mellenbach GDR - Uni 11e
Uni 11e Transistorized.

A-V meter A-V meter A-V meter

Norma Austria - Normameter G 185 GW - 1947,1948.

A-V meter Normatest

Norma Austria - Normatest
Normatest with bill from 1967.

A-V meter Normatest 3000 A-V meter Normatest 3000 A-V meter Normatest 3000

Norma Austria - Normatest 3000.
Wahrscheinlich baugleich mit Siemens VMG 1.

Gossen A-V meter Gossen A-V meter

Gossen - Mavometer
and user guidlines page 01, page 23, page 45, page 67.

Metravo 1H-LH
Leybold Heraeus    53150    BBC Goerz Metrawatt
DC 10kΩ/V, AC 3kΩ/V.

Gossen Metrawatt MA1H - succeeded design.
DC 20kΩ/V, AC 4kΩ/V.

Ampere meter

Ampere meter
Old Ampere meter for current till 350A.

Chauvin & Arnoux
Chauvin & Arnoux Ingeniueurs Constructeurs Paris. Ampere-meter 100A, yellow copper all parts D=11cm, h=6cm, with screws h=9cm, screw D=1,18cm, weight=1,10 kg.

Chauvin & Arnoux S.G.D.G. multimeter.

V-A-Ohm meter Metrix 462B.

V-A-Ohm meter Metrix MX 111, 20 kΩ/V.

V-A-Ohm meter Metrix MX 202B, 40 kΩ/V.

V-A-Ohm meter Pekly 897, 40 kΩ/V.

Philips SMT111

Philips SMT111
Service electronic multimeter with IC LM308, V,A,Ohm DC/AC. 2*9V-E, 1.5V-AA.

Micronta 22-211   Producer: Radio Shack.
V-A-Ohm meter with 20 kΩ/V DC, 10 kΩ/V AC.
For Ohms: 1.5V AA needed.

A-V meter Simpson A-V meter Simpson A-V meter Simpson A-V meter Simpson A-V meter Simpson

Simpson electric - USA Chicago Illinois.
Model 230

Prod.year~1950. The scala is too small for reading and accuracy.

Simpson 269 ser.3 Simpson 269 ser.3 Simpson 269 ser.3 Simpson 269 ser.3 Simpson 269 ser.3 Simpson 269 ser.3

Simpson electric - USA Chicago Illinois.
Model 269 ser.3

Prod.year~1966. 100kΩ/V DC

Univeka 147 URAV - Hungary
Old lab. Volt-Amp meter 20kΩ/volt.

A-V meter Univo

Univo - Hungary
Universal volt-amper-ohm meter 1kΩ/volt.

3 old miliampermeters
black and blond, 30 mA in both directions, used in old telegraphs.
Blond: Robert Sochor, former ing.Roucka, Blansko. Third device - VTUTF is uncomplete.

ERJ - Erich Roucka ???
Vintage meter-With a handful of external resistors for range setting.

AV meter AV meter

ER - Erich Roucka ?
AV meter

Round-clock like meter

Metra Blansko - czech producer
Old clock-like meter.

A-V Unimet A-V Unimet A-V Unimet

Metra Blansko - Unimet
Old lab. volt-amperemeter Unimet.

A-V meter Avomet

Metra Blansko AVO-M, Avomet.

A-V meter DU10

Metra Blansko DU10
Universal volt-amperemeter DU10. Sensitive device 50kΩ/V DC and 16.6 kΩ/V AC. Well designed scale. User guidlines.

A-V meter DU20

Metra Blansko DU20
Universal volt-amperemeter DU20. Sensitive lab device 50kΩ/V DC and 16.6 kΩ/V AC.

A-V eter PU120

Metra Blansko PU120
PU120 in years 197X, very usefull.

A-V meter PU340

Metra Blansko PU340
PU340: 0.5-5-50-500mA, 10-50-100-500V DC/AC.

Mx20 ohmmeter Mx20 ohmmeter Mx20 ohmmeter

Metra Blansko Mx20
For informative measuring of resistors, voltage and capacitors.

A-V meter PU500 and PU510

Metra Blansko PU500, PU510
PU500(analog transistorised), PU510(digital) in years 198X, interesting design.

A-V meter Sanwa

Sanwa electric instrument 380-CE, Japan
Multitester DC 33.3 kΩ/V, AC 5kΩ/V, letter of guarantee from: 1970.

A-V meter Yokogawa A-V meter Yokogawa A-V meter Yokogawa

YEW-Yokogawa electric works 3201, Japan
From year 1970, very sensitive (100 kΩ/V DC, 10kΩ/V AC) and accurate, one of the best I have ever used. For measuring resistance one 1.5V cell type D.

V-A meter Hioki F-77

Hioki electric F-77, Japan
V-A meter DC 30 kΩ/V, AC 10kΩ/V, date 1973. Battery: for ohms special 22V and 1.5V.

V-A meter Hioki TH-B36 V-A meter Hioki TH-B36 V-A meter Hioki TH-B36

Hioki electric TH-B36, Japan
Small V-A-Ω meter DC/AC 2 kΩ/V, date 1965. Battery: for ohms small "Lady" 1.5V AM5 type 4001.

V-A meter KSI MF75 V-A meter KSI MF75 V-A meter KSI MF75

KSI - Knopex Sound Innovation - for me an unknown company.
Nice, small V-A-Ω meter DC/AC 2 kΩ/V. Battery: for ohms typ "AA".

Kyoritsu KEW-66 Kyoritsu KEW-66 Kyoritsu KEW-66

Kyoritsu electrical instrument works KEW-66, Japan
V-A meter DC/AC 20 kΩ/V. Battery: for ohms 2 x 1.5V AA.

Wifast WF-1200 Wifast WF-1200 Wifast WF-1200 Wifast WF-1200 Wifast WF-1200

Wifast WF-1200 Model A-10, Japan, 1972
V-A-Ω meter DC 30 kΩ/V, AC 10kΩ/V with a signal injector. Battery: for ohms and injector 2 x 22.5 V AA size and 2 x 1.5V AA size.

A-V meter Ultron

Ultron, Monacor
Little, very nice with a big scale, but not very comprendious.
Input resistance 20 kΩ/V. I have same device with name Monacor.

A-V meter Central

Unknown manufacturer. 20 kΩ/V for DC, 10 kΩ;/V for AC.

A-V meter with round scala

Round scala

A-V meter Universo



3. V,A meters